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What are Debt Solutions?

Debt Solutions or Debt Relief is for individuals who find themselves unable to meet their debt payments and meet their living expenses.

The factor that confirms help is required is that the financial situation is not going to improve any time soon and that borrowing more money or worrying about credit score is no longer a concern.

Debt Agreement

All unsecured debts are combined into one payment, it must be an amount you can afford. All interest is frozen. You make payments for 3 years and then any remaining balances owing are extinguished. Very powerful solution.

Informal Arrangement

Debts aren’t combined but concessions like paying no interest or paying less than owed are sought. Individual creditors may reject offers. Offers will not be accepted if you are up to date with payments.


There are cases where no matter how badly you want to pay and do what you think is the right thing that bankruptcy will be the answer. Most bankruptcies mean all debt is wiped and no payments are made.


Get qualified advice

We can discuss any and all of these options and what may be best for you. If you are struggling with payments you owe it to your self to find out what is available to you.